For personal knowledge

Wine is culture! Charm, nature, ancient wisdom and modern technologies. Wine is part of our culture. Start to learn about wine, its secret and its tastes.

Vinumundi offers specialized wine tastings for those whom want to enrich their knowledge about wine and eno-gastronomy in general.

From general introduction to tasting to specific wine thematic.
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As a present or a party

Wine is fun! A wine tastings is great way to entreating your guest during a party, to celebrate a special occasion or for the birthday of a friend who is passionate about wine.

Private tastings are done at home or in other locations of your choice. Our sommelier will lead you to thought the tasting experience, providing you the necessary information to enjoy to understand and enjoy the wines.

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As teambuilding activity

Wine is an affiliating and friendly element that plays its role perfectly in a Team Building activity or in the reception and entertainment of your customers.

We have planned some fun and educative activities around wine. Training part, followed by  challenges and team games to bring your team together. All in the respect and compliance of professional environment.

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Get in touch and ask for possibilities.
Remember we love challenges ­čÖé