A family story. The passion for the territory.

Senatore, a family history, winemakers in Cirò for four years, dedicated to the production of organic quality wines.

The Senatore vine was originally created at the beginning of the 20th century, with the great grandfather Giuseppe Sculco and then the great grandfather Francesco Senatore, with the wine cellar in “Corfu Vecchiu”. The tradition continues with Antonio, who gave great impetus and development to the company in the 1930s by planting the vineyards that are still the green heart of the family’s winegrowing tradition. In the 1940s he built the old cellar stone in “Corfu Novu” with his brother Raffaele. The company’s heritage is represented from 40 hectares, of which about 30 are suitable for the production of DOP and IGP wines in the vineyard.
The winery is located in Cirò Marina. The old name was Krimisa and the historical period was 7th – 8th century BC. The holy city of Krimisa was founded by Philoctetes, the mythological hero of the Odyssey. Returning from the war against Troy, he placed Ercole’s sacred arrows in the temple of Apollo Alaios, the ruins of which are currently located at Punta Alice in Cirò Marina.
In Cirò, wine is archeology and culture! Artfacts abound: terracotta wine vases with production seals have been discovered at the various Brettian sites in the area.