Planting a vineyard is a marriage with the earth.

The passion for wine, the good will for every day, the humility to make yourself small for the wonders of nature.

Planting a vineyard is like becoming one with the soil, it is a great gesture of hope; it is no coincidence that the Bible indicates it as the very first action accomplished by Noah after the flood. This means that we partner with a piece of land and commit to that specific place where we want to stay and wait for the results of our work.

To the land… We believe it is essential to approach the earth with great humility and respect: for this reason we chose to be ORGANIC!

Any quality winery is the result of a process of working within the territory and its characteristics. Accompanying the grape on its path to becoming wine, means that it is the custodian of an ancient art that interprets and witnesses a place and its traditions: a bottle of wine is able to preserve all this beauty for several years, testifying to our territory.