Côtes du Rhône in a special bottle.

Sometimes a coincidence can lead to a distinguishable signature.

The Brunel family’s wine tradition dates back to the 17th century. Gaston Brunel, a famous négociant, acquired the Château de la Gardine in Châteauneuf du Pape in 1945. The estate is now run by his two sons, Patrick and Maxime with the help of their wife Eva and Maryse and their children Marie-Odile and Philippe .
The estate extends over 52 ha of vineyards and 20 ha of woodland, all gathered around the property. The domain is known for the quality of their wines and for the unique Gardine bottle.

The Gardine bottle, both original and elegant, is the result of a happy coincidence…

When he first wanted to expand his cellar, while digging in the ground, Gaston Brunel found a mouth-blown bottle. He loved it and decided to use a similar shape for all his wine. At the beginning, he had to go all the way to Italy to find a glass supplier that was able to make it. Since 1964 all our wines have been bottled in the unique La Gardine shaped-bottle.

Amazing Côtes du Rhône.

In the Côtes du Rhône there are a total of 17 crus , reconized by the names of eac village. Among the ones prduced by Brunel de la Gardine, we can find: in the north of the region, on the right-bank of the Rhône, we find the Cornas AOC, named by the Celtcs as “burnt hearth” , was reconized since 1938.  The vineyard sits on the Eastern slopes of the Massif Central in Cornas. The abrupt, south-facing slopes form a natural amphitheatre that protects the vines from cold winds. South-facing vines mature early, which is why this appellation is the first red to be harvested in the Northern Côtes du Rhône.

On the left -bank of the Rhône we find Crozes-Hermitage AOC, the largest in the north of the region, official since 1937. This is a prestigious Cru spread across 11 authorities in the Drome.

In the south of the region we meet the Cairanne AOC. Vineyards are located under the high village of Cairanne few kilometers above Avignon next to the Vaucluse. AOC since 1967.